2015. február 2., hétfő

Personalized, Custom Owl Pillow

Would you like a personalized owl pillow with your loved ones name? Have a look how I make them here in my workshop. If you have an idea to do something special, but don't know exactly what colour, or size, here is my shop with tons of tips;

My Etsy Shop

I'm always happy to make a special little owl pillow. First I cut out all the parts, eyes, top of the head and tummy, and prepare the zip back with the main body
part too.

I do the requested name in a heart onto the owl's tummy with an embroidery machine. This is a special sewing machine, which is give me more freedom to make any shape and form i like.

I put all the pieces together. I apply the eyes, heart onto the main body part with thick needlework.

Fix the edges to each other, prepare to finish it of with the quilting machine.

The chocolate-pink owl pillow is ready and can't wait to fly to her new home. It looks really nice in any bedroom, especially because there's plenty of textile samples to choose, and create the perfect match with the interior of the room.